Akarkara 12 Amazing Benefits, Dose & Precautions by Prima Medicare

Akarkara 12 Amazing Benefits, Dose & Precautions by Prima Medicare

Akarkara is a be familiar with the herb in Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and herbal system of drug and has been used for centuries. The plant of Akarkara is ornamental and blooms within the spring season and is additionally consumed as a vegetable.

It is a powerful antimicrobial agent. When chewed, it causes copious salivation. When roots are applied to the skin, they cause a tingling sensation, redness, and warmth and pacify vita and kasha.

Table of Contents

    1.What is Akarkara?

    2.What are the benefits of Akarkara?

    3.How to take Akarkara?

    4.What are the side effects of Akarkara?

    5.How can I buy Akarkara Capsules?


1. What is Akarakara?

Akarkara or Akallaka may be a perennial herb that grows within the Himalayan region. The roots of this plant are slightly sweet-smelling and have a strong taste.

Akarkara is usually wont to manage pain and inflammation associated with arthritis thanks to its antioxidant property. It is also useful for digestion as it stimulates the secretion of saliva as well as digestive enzymes needed for digestion.

Akarkara improves sexual craving as well as the sexual act of men by maintaining the testosterone levels due to its aphrodisiac property. It might even be helpful in detoxification of the body because it increases urination thanks to its diuretic activity. It also helps improve brain function thanks to its memory-enhancing and antidepressant activity.

Akarkara is helpful for skin problems and insect bites due to its antimicrobial and sterile properties. Applying a paste of Akarkara powder alongside honey on the gums helps in relieving toothache thanks to its antioxidant and pain reliever property.

Akarkara may be a perennial plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is a plant of France whose major useful and medicinally valuable part is its roots. It is only a 6-inch elevated plant that spreads on the ground with tough and cylindrical roots with a few covered with hair rootlets. The plant has numerous distribution branched stems with a yellow disk and white ray flowers.

Akarkara’s have the following names:

  1. Hindi Name: Akarkara
  2. Sanskrit Name: Akarkarbh
  3. English Name: Pellitory
  4. Latin Name: Anacyclus pyrethrum Pennel

Ayurvedic formulations of Akarkara

  • Akarkara Churna
  • Akarakarabhadi Churna
  • Akarakarabhadi Vati
  • Akarkaradi Guggul
  • Jatiphaladi Vati

2. What are the benefits of Akarkara?

Akarkara has been considered a tonic utilized in remedy since the past, to assist the systema nervosum. It has been reported to motivate an intimate urge also assist in ejaculation and impotency in males. Some herbalists imply that this herb could also be of use for several other conditions like diabetes, treatment for epilepsy, paralysis, hemiplegia, and for pharyngitis and tonsils.

Akarkara helps out to decrease toothache while its powder form is rubbed on the gums and teeth. According to Ayurveda, the mouth acts as the place of Kapha dosha and an imbalance in Kapha dosha might lead to several dental problems like a toothache. Akarkara helps to manage toothache thanks to its Kapha balancing nature.

  1. Encourages a healthy libido: Akarkara is one of the oldest natural remedies for increasing libido and sperm count in men. Akarkara when mixed with honey improves the standard and quantity of sperms. For increasing libido, many of us consume Akarkara powder in the dark with a glass of milk. It releases bound up testosterone and increases the availability of blood to the genitals. Thereby, increases the physical strength also triggers the concupiscence to treat impotence and male erecticle dysfunction in men.
  2. A toothache plant: Akarkara may be a folk remedy for treating toothache, dental cavities, blood from gums, looseness of teeth, etc. It is an essential component in many kinds of toothpaste and powders. Even a soft massage of Akarkara root powder helps in treating toothache, the flow of blood gums, and also makes the teeth white. The bacteria in attendance over the teeth also get destroyed. Teeth are an important part of our health. It is not just a part of our aesthesis, they play a task in overall nutrition and maintaining health. With the assistance of teeth, we chew and swallow a healthy and well-nourished diet. If they are not healthy, then the crush method of the food will be done by the intestines which might ultimately become weak.
  3. Beneficial for Nerves: It prevents hemiplegia and nerve disability if massaged regularly. It prevents facial neuralgia. It’s a nerve-stimulant and thus helps to treat full and partial paralysis.
  4. Works as Brain Tonic: Akarkara facilitates as a brain tonic and improves memory. It helps in overprotective epilepsy due to its neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties.
  5. Improves Immunity: It improves immunity and is useful in reducing inflammation. Promotes Secretion of Saliva: The roots are widely wont to relieve toothache and promote the secretion of saliva. Chewing them helps in avoiding dehydration of the throat and mouth.
  6. Improves Respiratory Health: The plant is taken care of chronic catarrh, pyorrhoea, common cold, headache, chronic cold, rhinitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, and congestion.
  7. Reduces Pain: It relieves pain and other symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis, and thus the plant traditionally used as a remedy to treat sciatica, paralysis, neuralgia, colds, and rheumatism.
  8. Vajikaran Rasayana: It’s classified as a Vajikaran Rasayana in the Ayurvedic medicine system because it rejuvenates sexual health and enhances virility.
  9. Improves Sexual Health: It works as an aphrodisiac and enhances libido, improves physical power, enhances fertility, and improves testosterone level.
  10. Regulates Metabolism: It regulates metabolism and detoxifies the body.
  11. Improves Speech: It is often given to a toddler affected by speech issues like delayed speech and stammering.
  12. Improves Energy: It prevents vertigo, phobia, nervousness, and nausea, and other symptoms caused by the general weakness

3. How to take Akarkara?

Akarkara powder may be difficult to consume raw. Therefore a mixture is often prepared for the straightforward intake of the drugs. This is usually done by taking two to four pinches or the recommended dosage of an equivalent by a medical man alongside a teaspoon of honey.

4. What are the side effects of Akarkara?

Intake of this remedy in high dosages or without proper doctor consultation can cause varying side-effects. It can result in bleeding, a rise in heart rate, nausea, unconsciousness, etc. So the pill should be administered along with required dosages of antidotes.

Though infused with healing properties, Akarkara may cause slight side effects like allergies since it’s very almost like chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and other members of an equivalent family. So it’s advised to consult a medical man before applying Akarkara if one is allergic to members of the Asteraceae/Compositae family.

  • Excessive salivation (common)
  • Mouth ulcer (common and occurs when it is used alone)
  • Burning sensation
  • Heartburn
  • Acidity
  • Aggravate ulcer condition (uncommon)


Form of useDosage
Akarkara Root Powder (crude form)1 to 2 grams twice a day
Extract of Akarkara root125 mg to 250 mg twice a day
DecoctionPrepared with 100 ml water using 3 grams Akarkara root powder once a day

5.Advice for Genuine & Safe Supplement Buying.

Drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but supplements don’t require FDA approval. Due to this, they’ll not undergo rigorous testing to work out their safety and effectiveness.

While buying Akarkara or such dietary supplement, kindly follow the following tips:

Product Verification:- Confirm the name on the merchandise like Prima Medicare Label and Trademark Registration matches what you’re looking forIn addition to that, Akarkara, the label could say Pellitory or Indian Akarkara.

Check the ingredients. The label should list all of the ingredients of the supplement. If you’re not sure about the ingredient, consult a doctor or pharmacist and ask for their recommendations. You may also refer for search ingredients using the Dietary Supplement Label Database maintained by the National Institutes of Health.

Beware of claims. Be wary of any product claims that appear too good to be true or say they will treat a specific medical condition.

Do your own research. Gather information using reputable sources. One place to start out is PubMedTrusted Sourcea superb resource for scientific studies. You’ll also find the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health to be a helpful source of data.

Look for certifications. Ayurvedic Supplements are not regulated for any standards Govt. Institution or by an independent body; still some companies verify their products’ content by having them tested in an independent lab.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. From where can we purchase Akarkara powder?

Akarkara is easily available in all markets, ayurvedic medical stores, as well as in online stores.

2. How is Akarkara beneficial for the sexual health of men?

Akarkara is beneficial for male sexual health as it increases libido. Also, it increases testosterone production, the male hormone primarily responsible for the generation of healthy sperms, thereby increasing fertility and sexual health in general. Furthermore, Ayurveda states that the property of Akarkara, which makes it an aphrodisiac, increases vajikarana and solves many male sexual problems like male erecticle dysfunction and ejaculation. It can be applied directly as an oil or consumed in powder form to attain the desired result.

3. How is Akarkara beneficial in cases relating to the kidney?

Akarkara is well-known to be very helpful as a natural detox medicine for its diuretic properties. It increases the regularity and the quality of urine, thereby increasing the overall health of the kidney.

4. What are the benefits of Akarkara root?

Rich in expectorants, Akarkara is understood to clear the tract by the effective expulsion of mucus from the tract. It aids in better digestion by the stimulation of salivary glands and therefore the production of digestive enzymes. It is beneficial in better kidney health because it increases the frequency and quality of urine and, therefore, also acts as a detox. It is utilized in reducing inflammation and pain in cases of arthritis. It is also effectively utilized in the treatment of intestinal worms and toothache for its antibacterial and anthelmintic properties. It is also used as a brain and memory enhancer and a natural tonic for overall health.

5. What is Akarkara’s role in memory enhancement?

Akarkara is understood to inhibit a particular sort of enzyme (cholinesterase), which causes loss of memory and thus increases memory power. It is also proven to be beneficial in Alzheimer’s cases because it is often effective in memory management and boosts it. Ayurveda also supports this as Akarkara is understood to extend the nerves and helps enhance memory.

6. Can Akarkara help reduce joint pain?

Joint pain, which is especially caused by arthritis, is thanks to the imbalance within the Vata of the body and is effectively counteracted by the action of Akarkara. Therefore, the external application of Akarkara oil is found to be beneficial in reducing joint pain. Also, Akarkara improves blood flow and movement, which further helps in reducing joint pain.

7. How is Akarkara useful in the treatment of insect bites?

Akarkara is caring in insect bites as it is a very good antibiotic and can prevent the growth of microbes and infection in the bite site.

8. Is it harmful to take Akarkara in large portions?

Yes, Akarkara could also be dangerous if consumed in large portions. It is therefore advised to consult a medical man before ingesting large portions of an equivalent.

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Drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but supplements don’t require FDA approval. Due to this, they’ll not undergo rigorous testing to work out their safety and effectiveness.